Vee has the engineering expertise to both design and manufacture fan shrouds for almost any diesel engine application.  Vee’s engineers can create a solid model concept from customer information as well as advise customers on the best design to meet their needs.  Vee can test shrouds for air-flow performance on its own flow meter and, along with its sister company Air Side Systems, design shrouds and cooling fans together to optimize overall cooling performance.
Vee manufactures all tooling in-house, which allows for affordability and design control.  Each mold is custom-made to optimize its use in the production process and to produce the best part for the customer.  Vee takes the design from solid model concept to wood pattern to mold.  Vee also has CNC milling capability for producing difficult molded shapes directly from the solid model.  All production molds are two-piece matched molds made from epoxy or aluminum and have smooth part surfaces on both the male and female sides.  Trimmed part features are produced using waterjet technology first used by Vee in 1987.  Vee has CMM measuring capability to inspect parts directly from the solid model as well as inspection according to part drawings.

Vee capabilities - fan flow