Composite Fan Shrouds
Designed to Optimize Airflow
and Cooling Performance
Noise Walls
Designed to reduce heat and noise in the engine compartment.
Engine Components
Designed to address specific needs for air flow or noise reduction under the hood.

Vee Engineering makes composite cooling system components for heavy-duty engines in multiple applications. Vee parts are found in construction, mining and agricultural equipment, over-the-road and specialty trucks, generator sets, portable air compressors and school buses. We can take a part from solid model concept to production with our own design engineering and affordable in-house tooling. We use a closed-molding process that controls material thickness and a material blend made for the high temperatures and stresses associated with commercial engine compartments.

With over 50 years of design and engineering expertise, we ensure our model concepts, patterns, and molds are customized to create the most effective product to fit customer needs. We test fan shrouds for air-flow performance via custom CFD or on our in-house Flowmeter. In partnership with our affiliated company, Air Side Systems, we can design fan shrouds and cooling fans together to optimize overall cooling performance.

Our parts are made from a blend of thermoset polyester resin and mineral fillers along with a continuous-strand glass mat reinforcement. This composite enables the parts to last in the harshest on and off-highway environments. Everything we make is designed to optimize air flow in the space provided in the engine compartment.